offer compensation

See: indemnify
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Very few colocation providers will go as far as to offer compensation in the event of downtime, but with a fully redundant infrastructure in place and direct access to over 300 bandwidth providers, Colocation America has been able to fulfill its commitment to network reliability and accessibility for 5 years running.
However, they were still willing to offer compensation and reimbursement for any emergency expenses related to the casino, if an agreement was signed prior to the arbitration hearing.
British Gas has since apologised, is removing the pre-payment meter and will offer compensation.
The watchdog's executive director Richard Lloyd said: "We want to see O2 offer compensation to all customers who have been hugely inconvenienced by this service blackout and have been paying for a service they cannot use.
The case was filed by two of the injured in the same case as the accused refused to offer compensation to them for the injuries the former had suffered in the gang fight that took place in January 2009.
EU farmers claimed to be losing up to 417 million euro a week as demand dropped but the EU says it will offer compensation of up to 210 million euro for the E.
But he stopped short of backing a nationwide inquiry into clerical sex abuse, and failed to offer compensation to victims.
The locals asked the Energy Ministry to investigate the incident, punish those responsible for the negligence, and offer compensation for the damages, especially that more than 100 greenhouses were harmed by the water.
The sources, who preferred to remain anonymous, claimed that government officials agreed to offer compensation to the church on the condition that they close the case and quell the media hype.
An authority spokesman said: "The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme requires us to take into account the victim's behaviour during the incident, and their character, when deciding whether to offer compensation, make a reduced award or no compensation at all.
THE Ministry of Defence is to offer compensation and an apology to the Porton Down Veterans, according to reports.
The assembly has no power to offer compensation or force the British Government to pay up.