offer counsel

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Doody, who worked at the university for 16 years, made it a point to chat with students on campus and offer counsel.
Additionally, the group will offer counsel to legislators regarding technical and business challenges of regulatory compliance and facilitate information exchange between business, technology and regulatory bodies.
These four men worked together to encourage, offer counsel, and keep up the morale of the men aboard the ill-fated troopship Dorchester.
Two fine contributors bring purpose to our prayers and offer counsel as we contemplate.
office is uniquely positioned to offer counsel on the full range of legislative issues and regulatory proceedings within the government.
Now we can offer counsel -- from market development strategy, to corporate restructuring, to professional development -- to serve our clients' diverse and specific challenges.
com Web site; a cat adoption center with a local shelter; and the team of Purina Cat Chow mentors who are available to offer counsel and advice to cat owners and enthusiasts.
Plus, they will offer counsel based on real-world experience in multi-faceted, growing, international corporations.
I am excited to be a member of their board and to offer counsel and support as they continue to successfully grow their business.
Members of the Advisory Board help develop health educational content, offer counsel on the creation of new services for pediatricians and families, and serve as a sounding board for issues facing practicing pediatricians.
As the federal government researches and develops policies to help mandate security on the Internet, BindView will continue to work with key decision makers to offer counsel and insight," stated Pulaski.
The board will offer counsel, insight and direction in their individual areas of expertise, and help the company successfully launch a new generation of sales force and marketing automation solutions that increase the results from all types of sales calls, and improve way companies manage their positioning and messages.