offer evidence

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The fluctuations shouldn t be taken seriously but that the results offer evidence that California is hitting its stride after years of economic turmoil.
Chapters offer evidence to support this and also expose family dynamics and conflicts and their glamorous lifestyle.
BRITAIN'S Crown Prosecution Service has disclosed that it has struck a rare deal with a convicted terrorist to offer evidence at a US trial.
THE family of a grandmother who died earlier this year have challenged a decision not to offer evidence at the retrial of a man accused of indecently assaulting her.
A forward-leaning flattened horn convenient for sweeping aside snow while foraging for food and other characteristics offer evidence that the Ice Age giant evolved cold-weather adaptations before the big chill set in 2.
Police said the successes came about because residents came forward to offer evidence on those responsible for the behaviour.
SENIOR officials in the embattled government of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have come forward to offer evidence to the International Criminal Court in its investigation of widespread murder and persecution, prosecutors said yesterday.
Levene cited recent reports issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the United Nations, which he said offer evidence that global warming will contribute to increased tropical storm intensity and heat waves, among other problems.
As Siegel notes, neither Carmona's report nor the "fact sheets" produced by anti-smoking groups offer evidence to support such claims.
Judge Clark also praised his victim's courage in coming forward to offer evidence for the prosecution against Chubb.
If they know someone is engaged in terrorism they may not be able to offer evidence in court because of the way in which it was obtained.
Entries are arranged alphabetically by subject; each listing presents a handful of historical citations that offer evidence of the belief.