offer for sale

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Crecca, HCC president and chief executive officer, "Earlier this year, we announced plans to offer for sale each of Haights Cross' operating businesses.
A bank may not permit any person to sell or offer for sale any insurance product or annuity in any part of its office or on its behalf, unless the person is at all times appropriately qualified and licensed under applicable State insurance licensing standards with regard to the specific products being sold or recommended.
According to the suit, for an extended period of time, Cyvex Nutrition has offered for sale, sold, and continues to make, use and offer for sale Chicken Collagen Type II material containing Chondroitin Sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid that infringes on BioCell Technology's patents.
O'Connell intends to offer for sale approximately 150,000 shares in the offering, and director Robert Allen, a co-founder of the company, intends to offer for sale approximately 50,000 shares in the offering.
At all times relevant hereto, Defendant has had full knowledge of the `621 Patent, and Defendant's manufacture, offer for sale and sale of the Infringing Devices constitutes willful, deliberate infringing activity.
This July, Sotheby's and Stack's, the noted New York coin auctioneer, will offer for sale for the first time, on the behalf of the United States Government, the most valuable gold coin in the world, the fabled and elusive 1933 Double Eagle twenty dollar gold coin.
TSE:SBY) today jointly announced their intention to offer for sale the Pacific Division operations of SERCA Foodservice Inc.
the brokerage firm appointed to execute the sale of their 410,000 Common Shares through the facilities of The Toronto Stock Exchange, not to offer for sale any of those Common Shares through the Bid.