offer sacrifice

See: propitiate
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Now the people of Pylos were gathered on the sea shore to offer sacrifice of black bulls to Neptune lord of the Earthquake.
But of this we will take thought hereafter; for the present, let us draw a ship into the sea, and find a crew for her expressly; let us put a hecatomb on board, and let us send Chryseis also; further, let some chief man among us be in command, either Ajax, or Idomeneus, or yourself, son of Peleus, mighty warrior that you are, that we may offer sacrifice and appease the the anger of the god.
Chryses," said he, "King Agamemnon has sent me to bring you back your child, and to offer sacrifice to Apollo on behalf of the Danaans, that we may propitiate the god, who has now brought sorrow upon the Argives.
They cause that in all the universe men purify and sanctify their hearts, and clothe themselves in their holiday garments to offer sacrifices and oblations to their ancestors.
He said Muslims offer sacrifice of animals on Eid-ul-Azha solely with the aim of performing the religious obligation to earn the benevolence of Almighty Allah.
He said Muslims all over the world were able to apply through the website to offer sacrifice during Eid.
Israeli settlers had earlier announced they would storm al-Aqsa mosque and offer sacrifice in its courtyard.
Finally, when believers offer sacrifice to God, this cannot be the Mass itself, which is God's offering to them, but must lie beyond the sacrament, in the praise, thanks, and proclamation which concretize the "spiritual worship" of Romans 12:1.
Gather round then and with one accord offer sacrifice to the gods.
Or are we here to worship, offer sacrifice, and enter into the mystery of the holy God?
The faithful are urged to offer sacrifice with the priest (85-97); offer themselves as victims (98-104); take part devoutly in Holy Communion (112-128); and adore the Blessed Sacrament (129-133).
insists on this representation because only God can offer sacrifice to God.