offer satisfaction

See: indemnify
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This will decrease the feeling of hunger and keep the individual in a better mood than those eating six small meals, which don't offer satisfaction to the patient because he or she feels that the stomach is not filled up.
Our Raleigh Painting Contractor services offer satisfaction guaranteed in Residential Painting, Commercial Painting, Green Painting, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Deck Sealing, Deck Painting, Pressure Washing, and Wallpaper Removal.
His main thrust was that the price wars between the multiples have brought retail frozen food prices down to a level where many consumers look at the offering and consider that such a low cost product is unlikely to offer satisfaction.
We guarantee personal support during any programme of development and even offer satisfaction or your money back guarantees.
Offer satisfaction, not cash: Aggressive guarantees don't have to be expensive, Mitchell notes.