offering evidence

See: probative
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Expert witness and physiotherapist Rosemary Quinn - celebrating a decade of offering evidence at court
They answer each question from an evolutionary biologist's perspective, offering evidence that many of our behaviors served adaptive purposes and that human evolution has not kept pace with other developments in the world.
I wish Conversations: A History of A Declining Art had tackled those doomsayers head-on, by offering evidence that true conversation exists, and persists.
For instance, when we reviewed the charter for Campbell's audit committee, it provided insight into the oversight activities this committee performed, in addition to offering evidence that such a document existed.
However, M's subsequent notice of intervention stated that he "seeks to intervene for the sole purpose of offering evidence in support of the Petitioner's right and entitlement to equitable relief under IRC section 6015(f) and will not be offering any evidence to challenge Petitioner's right to equitable relief under IRC section 6015(f).
For those who suffered through the poor acoustics that plagued Gilberto's much-anticipated Hollywood Bowl concert last summer, this is something of a consolation prize, offering evidence of what the show might have sounded like under the best of circumstances.
With a recent government report on a fatal refinery explosion offering evidence of dangerous errors in material safety data sheets (MSDSs) and a 1995 OSHA-funded study suggesting that key information on MSDSs are routinely inaccurate, the federal job safety agency has indicated that it is developing its first guidelines on preparing the sheets.
My experience with various panels over the last seven years has taught me that they rarely use a consistent, scientific assessment approach, and still tend to render decisions "off the cuff," rather than offering evidence or literature that the decision was based on.
Defaux concludes the introduction by offering evidence that the Cinquante pseaumes were far from being, as someone recently declared, a simple "affaire de mode" (66) but rather quickly became for Marot, under pressure of circumstance and events, "une affaire extremement personnelle" (66).
With stinging profiles of school districts nationwide that have turned their back on the promise of Brown, the authors analyze this trend, offering evidence and solutions.
Once there, it's not unusual for first-timers to balk at plunging off the edge until a few more tubers have slid safely to the bottom, offering evidence that mayhem is not imminent.
While McGwire and Sosa are reaching the bleachers with uncanny ease this season, a physicist half a world away is offering evidence that the fabled sweet spot of their bats is more complex than previously believed.