offering evidence

See: probative
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For student and practicing lawyers, Bergman explains how to develop persuasive arguments and techniques for presenting them effectively when questioning witnesses, offering evidence, and addressing judges and juries.
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in last year's US election and raised questions, without offering evidence, about Ukrainian support for his Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.
Expert witness and physiotherapist Rosemary Quinn - celebrating a decade of offering evidence at court
They answer each question from an evolutionary biologist's perspective, offering evidence that many of our behaviors served adaptive purposes and that human evolution has not kept pace with other developments in the world.
I wish Conversations: A History of A Declining Art had tackled those doomsayers head-on, by offering evidence that true conversation exists, and persists.
For instance, when we reviewed the charter for Campbell's audit committee, it provided insight into the oversight activities this committee performed, in addition to offering evidence that such a document existed.
are offering evidence that the law may, in fact, not be absolute.
Empirical studies measure the effects of document variables on the performance of users, thus offering evidence, contraevidence, or refinements for existing guidelines.
However, M's subsequent notice of intervention stated that he "seeks to intervene for the sole purpose of offering evidence in support of the Petitioner's right and entitlement to equitable relief under IRC section 6015(f) and will not be offering any evidence to challenge Petitioner's right to equitable relief under IRC section 6015(f).
With a recent government report on a fatal refinery explosion offering evidence of dangerous errors in material safety data sheets (MSDSs) and a 1995 OSHA-funded study suggesting that key information on MSDSs are routinely inaccurate, the federal job safety agency has indicated that it is developing its first guidelines on preparing the sheets.
By offering evidence on how professors at small liberal arts colleges can combine their research, teaching, and service responsibilities in ways that enrich student learning, the paper takes a role in helping to improve undergraduate education and engaging the outside community with the college.