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Ad quem accedentes, lapidem vivum, ab hominibus quidem reprobatum, coram Deo autem electum, pretiosum, et ipsi tamquam lapides vivi aedificamini domus spiritalis in sacerdotium sanctum offerre spiritales hostias acceptabiles Deo per Iesum Christum.
And today we offerre aders a way of sleeping even more soundly-under snugand sumptuous designer bedding.
Uti nam [alpha][upsilon][tau][omicron][gamma][rho][alpha][phi][omicron][nu] ipsum autoris emendatum habuissemus, ut politam policiam offerre potuissemus
22) Kilmartin pointed out that this reflects the same kind of confusion as that caused by Trent when it used offerre to refer both to the historical sacrifice of the cross and to the phenomenological, history-of-religions liturgical-ritual sacrificial act of the eucharistic celebration, not attending to the fact that sacrifice, in the history-of-religions sense of the word, had been done away with by the Christ-event.