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Scholars have been fascinated by offertories in particular because of their unique characteristics.
At the request of many pianists, Cindy Berry, prolific composer/arranger, provides 15 concise arrangements in her volume, Two-Minute Offertories. Useful for purposes other than offertories, these arrangements, with their creative harmonies, melodic manipulations and sound structure, would be gratifying even for pianists beyond the specified intermediate level who need a quick read.
"Let the Vineyards" and "What Shall I Render"--real offertories, as opposed to "Create in Me"--are retained, as is "Thank the Lord" as a post-communion canticle.
Since most of these arrangements are written in the keys of C, D, G, F and B-flat, young pianists can be shown how to combine several pieces to create longer music needed for preludes, offertories and communion.