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OffHand Gear's patterned handguards are slimmer to better fit a woman's usually smaller hand.
This makes perfect sense when the assailant is several feet away, but in close quarters, bringing your offhand to your chest is dangerous.
Harry Tressler's jealous reaction to this tall, good-looking Irishman with his own helicopter serves him right for the offhand way he's treated her in the past.
Tall grass prevents shooting from prone or even sitting, and thorny trees prevent hunters from using them as a natural rest when shooting offhand.
When you see a lefty and a righty paired up against each other, you'll notice that the server may change his game around and increase the number of serves up the line to the offhand as opposed to using the crosscourt angle to the opponent's strong hand.
The latest public figure to find himself in the news for making a Nazi comparison is none other than Prince Charles, who on a visit to Canada made an offhand remark likening Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine to Hitler's annexation of Poland.
When our health gets bad we have trouble getting an appointment to see a doctor and are then given offhand advice or no information.
They were used in special indoor target matches that were shot offhand at 15 yards and were a smaller-scale version of the longer-range schuetzen matches.
His seemingly offhand approach denies any superficial finesse to reveal a love of awkward imagery.
Critics must look at at the merits of the new proposal rather than dismiss it offhand.
The writer used the word "cast" in an offhand way; there was no acknowledgement of the metalcasting process.
Beautiful landscapes, crisply professional photography and a goofily offhand approach to Eastern spirituality combine to odd if amiable effect in "The Highest Pass.