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citations omitted); see also Spitzer, supra note 190, at 36-37 ("The letter was remarkable for several reasons: (1) it represented an offhanded, informal, and political means to articulate and inaugurate what proved to be an abrupt and total about-face in decades of Justice Department policy on the meaning of the Second Amendment; (2) the letter's arguments contradicted more than a century of federal court rulings that had uniformly rejected the view embraced by Ashcroft; (3) the evidence and sources cited in the letter to support Ashcroft's claim did no such thing; and (4) the letter failed to cite the most important sources explaining what the right to bear arms does mean.
As Kujan stares at a bulletin board frame, for example, indicating its manufacture in Skokie, Illinois by the Quartet Corporation, Kint's offhanded remark that he once sang in a "barbershop quartet in Skokie, Illinois" replays.
Sweet is the sunburnt offal, if offhanded, if hand-me-down, if down go the paper boats, the oatmeal breakfasts, the feasts, the fasts.
This adds value to an otherwise offhanded click of the mouse and creates an opportunity for dialogue.
His first major work, Theory of the Subject, was published in France over thirty years ago, and yet the recent growing fascination with Badiou has given birth to a virtual publishing industry, in which even the philosopher's offhanded comments and class lectures merit hardback books (The End of History, In Praise of Love, Wittgenstein's Antiphilosophy).
You can talk about your credit union's products and services in an offhanded kind of way and create content that leads readers exactly where you want them to go.
Service planners will also have their thinking clarified by Martin Donnelly's delightfully offhanded discussion of data-management planning.
Thus the detective who reads, rather arbitrarily and to comic effect, from a dictionary at the end of Police, Adjective, or the offhanded way the nurse pulls off her surgical gloves at the conclusion of the The Death of Mr.
Accessing Justin's memory, the narrator cannot, by his own rules of possession, treat Rhiannon in the same offhanded way; he is attracted to her and responds with his own sensitive, caring personality.
Partly because of her wry parenthetical asides, usually in the form of archetypical 1960s refrains uttered by resigned women or unevolved men, and partly because she predicted everything from in-vitro fertilization to the super-fashionable notion of a genderless society to the mommy wars, because she pre-empted Laura Kipnis' polemic against romantic love by 35 years, because she summed up the entirety of Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth with one offhanded comment about how Cosmo and Vogue were fanning the "cultural disease" of the "search for glamour.