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Like Abbott's earlier "Reducing Friction" editorial the introduction, with its offhanded phrase so-called, subverts the severity and significance of an event.
Horvath's review was based upon his offhanded reference to the National Endowment for the Arts.
And (general manager) Mitch (Kupchak) and I talked yesterday about some things, but I don't want to sit the guys on edge by even a comment that's offhanded, that has no basis or merit.
When he emerged on the scene in 1981, his work was generally slammed for both its cynical appearance and its breezy, offhanded way of dismissing the possibility of the sublime in painting.
In contrast with the sometimes deliberately offhanded accounts of innercity itineracy, Liksom's rural cameos achieve a stinging poignancy.
Now some critics see Altman as a bit of a misogynist, and this offhanded remark could be seen as proof.
Eastwood directs with his usual flair for seasoned machismo and offhanded humor.
But like so many aspects of this movie, such stuff is delivered with an offhanded gravity that invests it with resonant feeling and politicized humor.
We just haven't heard women talk this way, which is not like talking in a dirty way but just sharing and revealing in a funny way - in an offhanded way and a serious way and a focused way.
The entire set boasted deceptively offhanded ease while it was clearly built around the most complicated mixing and interweaving of traditional American music forms.
It was a gentleman's round,'' said Zoeller, who was widely regarded as one until his offhanded remark to reporters here last year.
It was an offhanded statement and it went like wildfire,'' delegate Sandra W.