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"WHO'S the card from?" My curious husband once again demanded "I don't know, must be a secret admirer", I replied somewhat offhanded Valentine is for mugs, he always would say, Eventually booking a table for two, Once again I got my own way.
What followed was a steady march of NATO eastward to include former Warsaw Pact states, along with the contemptuous, almost offhanded, rejection of a request by post-Soviet Russia itself to join NATO.
Be it a nuanced description of some content, a short diatribe regarding the purpose of the curriculum, or an offhanded comment in the hallway, the views of teachers permeate the educational conversation in schools.
At the same time, he finds that people tend to take his offhanded Tweets too seriously.
Marketers can't just decide to make a change with an offhanded idea such as, "Now, we want to be the fun bank."
Handler previously made offhanded comments about Woodson being allergic to watermelon while hosting the National Book Awards.
Just as forthright as Lanzmann, the Holocaust specialist Annette Wieviroka has charged Haenel with contributing a "false testimony." The writer, according to her, has shown "no respect for the witness, whose testimony he has misappropriated to substitute his own 'truths', treating history in the most offhanded manner" ("Faux temoignage" 30).
As Kujan stares at a bulletin board frame, for example, indicating its manufacture in Skokie, Illinois by the Quartet Corporation, Kint's offhanded remark that he once sang in a "barbershop quartet in Skokie, Illinois" replays.
His first major work, Theory of the Subject, was published in France over thirty years ago, and yet the recent growing fascination with Badiou has given birth to a virtual publishing industry, in which even the philosopher's offhanded comments and class lectures merit hardback books (The End of History, In Praise of Love, Wittgenstein's Antiphilosophy).
Sweet is the sunburnt offal, if offhanded, if hand-me-down, if down go the paper boats, the oatmeal breakfasts, the feasts, the fasts.
This adds value to an otherwise offhanded click of the mouse and creates an opportunity for dialogue.
You can talk about your credit union's products and services in an offhanded kind of way and create content that leads readers exactly where you want them to go.