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He said to me somewhat offhandedly, 'Why don't you see if there's an industrial kitchen around here where we could try making your Welsh cakes?
I was in the middle of Boyd's latest, Waiting for Sunrise, a World War I-era espionage tale, and I'd just read an interrogation scene so offhandedly sadistic that it might have been lifted from the pages of Ian Fleming.
One example: At a dinner party in London just three months after the attacks of 9/11, French Ambassador Daniel Bernard offhandedly told newspaper publisher Conrad Black that Israel was a "shitty little country.
It is not so unfortunate to be away, distant in some sense, perfect in another, angling the hand under sunlight to recreate what was seen once, offhandedly by chance.
It must be said that the report almost offhandedly notes that at least two women -- a computer expert who first captured some of the offensive images, as well as the diocesan communications director -- on viewing the images immediately recommended notifying police.
That the owner of the livery yard should use the distress of her neighbours to offhandedly lobby for additional bridleways/ riding opportunities seems entirely inappropriate in times of great financial constraint.
Having offhandedly once referred to Bangladesh politicians being "in it for the money," Yunus faces prosecution for defaming the reputation of Bangladesh politicians.
Yes, the disastrous French campaign in Russia is viewed as the beginning of the end and treated as Napoleon's mistake, but if the Russians are offhandedly thanked for the war of attrition they fought in 1812, their participation in Western Europe in 1813 and 1814 has been downplayed.
Only elderly dictators, and sometimes their children, stand between the Middle East and what Donald Rumsfeld once called, offhandedly, the untidiness of freedom.
We must take care not to dismiss such e-mails offhandedly with "Oh, that's just propaganda.
While she offhandedly refers to Lenin as 'pathologically suspicious', 'a coward' and 'a bad loser', Rappaport also relates how democratic he was in personal relations, preferring simple working people to tiresome intellectuals, frequently lighthearted, even as he was savage in polemic of those he opposed.