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With a pitch-perfect prose line, at once sinuous, witty, and stylish, that coins the most striking metaphors with the understated offhandedness that recalls vintage DeLillo, Rose Alley gathers us within its enthralling premise and leaves us content within its illusion of completeness.
The comparison was unexpected and intriguing, and when explored further serves not only to amplify differences between two buildings of similar scale, function and location, but also differences between two modes of architectural practice; between the discipline of an architect like Piano (who believes that artists in all fields should perfect and rehearse known techniques), and the self-confessed offhandedness of Fretton (who seems to rely much more on experience and intuition).
Offhandedness, slowness and impersonality are likely to lose you not only that customer but many others as well--bad news spreads.
One notices first the collection's offhandedness, its sense of play, the puns, the cleverness and apparent whimsy of the imagery.