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They went above and beyond to deploy over 800 officers across two deployments to 23 different Home Office force areas in a matter of hours.
Overlooking the National Museum from its nest in Gorsedd Gardens, the once run-down cabin is now a hive of caffeinated activity, serving curious tourists, flagging families and the neighbouring office force with carefully crafted Coaltown coffee.
Current posse members already are used to bolster the sheriff's office force by providing police protection at malls during the holidays, directing traffic and transporting people to jail.
The highest ratio of women to men was in the system offices (38% of the general office force, 25% of the operations office force), followed by 16% in the New York Zone (but only 8% on the Long Island Railroad), 12% in the Eastern Region, 10% in the Central Region, 8% in the Western Region, and 9% at the Altoona Works.
My wife, who is a very efficient and capable girl, has managed my property and small office force since I've been in the Army.
We are in the process of having our inside office force go out in the field with our outside engineers, servicemen, linemen and vice versa.
For example, the auto workers represent 25,000 Michigan state workers, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) counts nurses' locals within its ranks, while the Newspaper Guild last year won an election to represent a small Los Angeles UFCW office force.
Harr had worked for 11 years as one of four "associates" in JDR's office, and Johnson, and trained historian, had joined the office force not long before, when the two of them consented to write what began as a biography of JDR.
This is a unique unit within world policing that manages, with the help of expert technicians, protective barriers that can be deployed by any of the England and Wales Home Office forces.
Nationally, all police authorities raised concerns about how merger costs would be met and were told by the Home Office forces would have to borrow.
The CNC is an armed police service, licenced by the College of Policing and trained to the same national standards as Home Office forces.
As a result, the CNC asked Home Office forces to enter into a collaboration agreement which would allow us to provide support to forces in England, Wales and Scotland should it be required.

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