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Office Workers are employees who benefit from information provided by the ADVANTAGE Business System but do not need direct access to it.
The survey of 1,460 office workers was conducted by research company TNS.
However, the introduction of new technologies--both hardware and software--is too often not accompanied by sufficient training for office workers.
Zugsmith, A Time To Remember, 251; Honig, "The Klein-Ohrbach Strikes," Office Worker (February 1935), 3.
But there are a few million home office workers in suburbia who wish that their local office superstore would stay open all night.
In part of the ethnographic research, some office workers discussed opening their e-mail messages without reading them so that the return receipt will show a "read" rather than "unread" message.
Area Wage Survey data for 1987 show that 94 percent of full-time production workers and 99 percent of office workers were offered traditional fee-for-service insurance by their employers for hospitalization, surgical, and medical coverage.
Organization of the course professional office worker for the participants of the project implemented by the Centre for Education and Youth Work in Katowice
He has won the Agency Office Worker of the Year category of the One in a Million Award, the highlight of National Temporary Workers' Week, which runs from June 2 to 6.
A survey conducted for UK-based communications supplier Siemens Communications has revealed that office workers are wasting time on telephone calls that do not get through to the right people first time.
The end of the marriage bar after World War II, for example, she argues, created a more unified office worker culture and the ability to make organized demands.
A new survey has revealed that the average office worker could save PS1,890 a year just by making their own sandwiches.