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The only acceptable to them, they said, was that officeholders should not show up in person at ribbon-cutting and ground-breaking ceremonies.
The immediate nature of social media places a special obligation on the officeholder to use them with caution.
payment of expenses "in behalf of the candidate or officeholder" that do not otherwise qualify as exempt function or officeholder expenses allowable under Sec.
Present-day officeholders of the Protective Society, who are long-time members, insist that the Protective Society did not discriminate against women as regular members, and ascribe the non-participation of women to their historical lack of socio-political consciousness, since most of them were domestic servants.
What might be a well-intentioned fundraiser for a civic organization during a legislative session - when all of the state's officeholders are on hand in Austin - instead ends up looking like a campaign finance money laundry.
State officeholders - the re-elected and the newly elected - are raising money before a Dec.
The group helped draft Proposition 98, a statewide measure on the November ballot that calls for full public financing of elections and $50,000 to $100,000 annual taxpayer-funded officeholder accounts after publicly financed candidates are elected.
The City Charter says a seat can be declared vacant if an officeholder is absent for more than 30 days.
An officeholder raising money for a good cause looks the same as a lawmaker using a powerful position to make donors do something they might not otherwise do.
Prohibiting a former officeholder from lobbying right after leaving office won't make it any less dishonest; all that does is put off the inevitable for a specific period of time.
That's a dramatic turnaround from several years of total Democratic domination after the only statewide GOP officeholder, former Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush, resigned following a probe into the alleged channeling of insurance-firm money into a nonprofit group.
Delgadillo could transfer up to $75,000 in to his officeholder account, but couldn't use any of the other money for political purposes.