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One of the strengths of NFU Cymru is the way that officeholders work as a team to safeguard all sectors," he said.
That could mean sanctions against officeholders that their colleagues may be unlikely to pursue.
The Social-Democrats refused to give up their definition of public appearance according to which not only should officeholders not be al-lowed to cut ribbons and show up at ground-breaking ceremonies but they should also not be allowed to hold press conferences on that subject before and in the course of the election campaign.
Any officeholder would be wise to establish both a registration process to tone down the most extreme rhetoric and a set of clear guidelines about the kind of inflammatory language that is banned from the site.
Assuming that officeholder expenses are sufficiently expansive to include legal fees and investigative reimbursements, the benefits of an officeholder account characterized as a political organization can be substantial.
But in Texas, beyond a handful of officeholders, leading Republicans were reluctant to weigh in, if not altogether silent on Trump's fitness for office.
As for the governing body of this crioulo sodality, whereas no limitation was placed on slave status or ethnicity, race or gender, all officeholders had to be crioulos.
A paper ballot of the NFU Council - the organisation's governing body - will be held to elect the officeholders after the NFU Annual Conference and AGM in Birmingham on Tuesday, February 17.
In Texas, where the partisan competition is almost imaginary, a conservative officeholder can get into all kinds of political trouble without threat from the other party.