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This article provided a basic outline of the applicable rules for practitioners encountering the tax problems of candidates, officeholders and political organizations, including those who may be associated with an exempt client.
Last November the bishops approved a new statement urging clergy to lobby pro-choice Catholic officeholders to change their view.
As for the governing body of this crioulo sodality, whereas no limitation was placed on slave status or ethnicity, race or gender, all officeholders had to be crioulos.
The Lacgers were aspiring royal officeholders. By the 1550s Antoine de Lacger was a judge in the Parlement of Toulouse.
While cutting the tenure of many officeholders, voters balked last week at the opportunity to pull the plug on any and all incumbents through the use of term limits.
And we get that current officeholders should be included.
The four companies that said that public officeholders or members of their immediate family were part of their ownership structure have been exempt from the process of signing contracts, Jovan Despotovski, Director of the Innovation and Technology Development Fund, said Tuesday.
Asked about Republican officeholders, 49 percent of self-identified Republican voters said those officials are conservative enough and another 31 percent said they're not conservative enough; only 11 percent said those GOP officials are too conservative.
Although it has only one member, the Besa movement will be the key player in the parliamentary committee on election and appointment, one of the main bodies when it comes to naming officeholders in important institutions.
Clwyd NFU officeholders will remain in place for 2013, with Ivor Beech as county chairman and Evan Roberts as vice chairman.
CHANGES in Single Farm Payments were discussed when NFU Cymru officeholders met Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans on a farm in Flintshire.
Yet Democrats are rightly concerned about the perception that superdelegates - party leaders and officeholders who are free to support whomever they like - will override the popular vote.