officer of state

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"And they do say," the Chancellor went on sheepishly--looking much more like a convicted thief than an Officer of State, "that a change of Government, by the abolition of the Sub-Warden I mean," he hastily added, on seeing the Warden's look of astonishment, "the abolition of the office of Sub-Warden, and giving the present holder the right to act as Vice-Warden whenever the Warden is absent --would appease all this seedling discontent I mean," he added, glancing at a paper he held in his hand, "all this seething discontent!"
The Minister wishes to advise the media that all appointments of the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of State Owned Entities are done through Cabinet processes and therefore the announcements of the outcome are made by Cabinet.
Mike Baker, president and chief executive officer of State Bank of Lizton, said, 'I've known the management team for 10 plus years and our personal relationship led to the opportunity to talk with them as they began trying figure out what they wanted to do going into the future.'
Riley will continue to serve as president and chief executive officer of State Bank Corp.
"At State Street, corporate responsibility is firmly ingrained in our culture and critical to our success," said Jay Hooley, chairman and chief executive officer of State Street.
Neville is chief executive officer of State Bank & Trust Company in Ridgeland.
Ahsan Naeem, Joint state officer of State Office told the court on behalf of ministry of housing that state office had total 17000 houses while about 20000 applications were there on general waiting list.
Former officer of State National Security Service Aldaya Ismankulov and a Kazakh citizen are accused of this crime.
Most recently, Miskovic was chief risk officer of State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), as well as a member of that firm's operating group and chair of its major risk committee, and served as a member of the State Street board.
Trosino, president, vice chairman and chief operating officer of State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co., said insurers that are not paying attention to technology and how to leverage technology "are probably missing the boat."
He was my first appointee when I was elected governor because I knew that if someone of Lewies stature agreed to be the chief operating officer of state government that would attract other talented cabinet members.
'This transaction is a key step in our strategy to invest in higher growth and return businesses,' said Jay Hooley, chairman and chief executive officer of State Street Corporation.

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