officer of the law

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Bearing that in mind, be pleased to remember, at the same time, that I am an officer of the law acting here under the sanction of the mistress of the house.
An officer of the law charged with duties of the highest dignity and utmost gravity, and held in hereditary disesteem by a populace having a criminal ancestry.
Any officer of the law enforcement agencies or any other government functionary caught in this act will certainly be visited with the full weight of the law.'
The woman told Cardiff crown court: "I didn't expect that from an officer of the law."
The current owner is an officer of the law and 'crime' is calling for his full dedication, so he must sell.
If my son and his friend had done this inside the ground they could have been ejected and lost their season ticket, but it seems that a officer of the law can swear quite freely at members of the public and face no consequences.
I have to say that like it or not, knife crime is everywhere so no decent school should blank a presentation being done for the young people as it saves many lives by explaining the consequences and, believe it or not, it helps turn lives around - this advice was given from an officer of the law.
"Remember Me" is a story of one officer of the law forced to face off against the supernatural.
"Cop Book: True Stories of Life, Death, and the Cops Who Manage the Space Between" is a collection of anecdotes about author Richard Greelis' decades long career as an officer of the law. His career ranged from being on the beat to running operations for the Republican National Convention.
And this constitutes destruction of evidence, which is a big no-no for an officer of the law. Rosenthal resigned as DA last February, but because he lied about having deleted the e-mails, he now faces perjury charges.
And was that an officer of the law I saw last year in Westgate Street with a discreet three feathers stencilled on his right cheek?!
"The prime responsibility of an officer of the law is to have all focus and attention on serving."

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