officers of the law

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References in classic literature ?
A DYING Man who had been shot was requested by officers of the law to make a statement, and be quick about it.
A few words sufficed for a mutual understanding between the two officers of the law.
The prompt and energetic action of the officers of the law shows the great advantage of the presence on such occasions of a single vigorous and masterful mind.
He would himself go down the coast and give himself up to the officers of the law.
The situation in Ferguson and a number of similarly-loaded cases of black people killed by white officers of the law started a heated nationwide debate on police brutality and racial bias in the US.
The ceremony was attended by Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Senior Lawyers and Officers of the Law &Justice Commission of Pakistan.
They were accused of violence against officers of the law or "throwing projectiles", where 14 officers were injured in the clashes.
64) AGAINST the backdrop of 1970s Atlanta, where lines are drawn along racial as well as gender divides, Kate Murphy has signed up to join a police force ravaged by in-fighting and on the hunt for a killer who likes nothing better than killing officers of the law.
According to sources, two officers of the law ministry will appear as witness for the prosecution.
THE question was asked last night of the point of having a Police Ombudsman if officers of the law won't accept their findings.
Why should officers of the law have to end up as scapegoats in the ongoing political tug-of-war concerning the fate of the interior ministry?
They are officers of the law working to keep people locked up and breaking the law will very seriously undermine their authority.