official announcement

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References in classic literature ?
Presently official announcement of the coming event was put forth.
Stragglers had come in from the army bringing reports more and more favourable: at last an aide-de-camp actually reached Brussels with despatches for the Commandant of the place, who placarded presently through the town an official announcement of the success of the allies at Quatre Bras, and the entire repulse of the French under Ney after a six hours' battle.
While awaiting the official announcement of dinner, the company were sauntering on the terrace above the river, and gazing at the water-plants, the mosaic of the currents, and the various pretty details of the houses clustering across the river, their old wooden galleries, their mouldering window- frames, their little gardens where clothes were drying, the cabinet- maker's shop,--in short, the many details of a small community to which the vicinity of a river, a weeping willow, flowers, rose-bushes, added a certain grace, making the scene quite worthy of a landscape painter.
I leave you to imagine the state the servants were in when this official announcement first reached their ears.
And as for the present Congress, that body has gone so far as to plan for a special system of its own, in both Houses, so that all official announcements may be heard by wire.
Ayo said IPEA officials will make official announcement on Jan.
ISLAMABAD -- Ayesha Gulalai - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) renegade member of the National Assembly (MNA) she intends to form her own political party, with the official announcement coming sometime around the New Year, Geo News reported.
Summary: The official announcement will be subject to the sighting of the moon.
USA], July 25 (ANI): Google CEO Sundar Pichai is all set to join the parent company Alphabet's board, according to an official announcement from the company.
The main factor behind this appreciation has been official announcement from the MSCI, including Pakistan Stock Market in the most prestigious group of indices.
24 -- Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications have been leaked again, ahead of the official announcement.
SUKKUR -- In-charge, Mobile Registration Vans (MRVs) of NADRA Regional Head Office Sukkur has announced the visit program of MRVs, said an official announcement here on Thursday.