official correspondence

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As they went along, certainly one of the party, and probably more than one, thought that Bleeding Heart Yard was no inappropriate destination for a man who had been in official correspondence with my lords and the Barnacles--and perhaps had a misgiving also that Britannia herself might come to look for lodgings in Bleeding Heart Yard some ugly day or other, if she over-did the Circumlocution Office.
He said that this specific amendment will altogether kill the concept of designation of Public Information Officer and will make every information request as a routine official correspondence where files takes days to travel from one step to other.
Noor Mehar said Mr Akhtar had shown himself 'dead' in the official correspondence with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) where he was facing corruption cases.
I am pleased to share with you that the issuance of panda bond was approved by the People's Bank of China and Nafmii on February 9,' the PBOC told Dominguez in official correspondence.
An official correspondence of the ministry showed that the planning ministry was also forcing the grade-21 officer to report to the consultant whose contract is equal to grade-20.
As per official correspondence of ministry of planning, it was revealed grade-21 officers were being compelled to report to the consultant whose contract is equivalent to a grade-20 officer.
An official correspondence shall be addressed to the ministry, detailing the rate of fee increase and its justification.
He said the government obtained the figures through official correspondence with various countries.
The plenary was scheduled after an official correspondence was received by the President of the Republic in which he asks the House of People's Representatives (HPR) to a set a plenary session dedicated to the confidence vote in the two new government members, assessor of the HPR Speaker in charge of information and communication Mohamed Ben Souf said after the meeting of the Parliament Bureau on Wednesday.
Indeed, serious concerns remain among climate realists and opponents of the UN's pseudo-treaty, including the fact that the Trump administration indicated in its official correspondence a desire to rejoin the climate pact.
The managerial skills development programme includes English, the skill of writing official correspondence, e-mails and reporting.
The centrepiece of the display is the desk (above) at which Diana worked in her sitting room in Kensington Palace, writing letters and reading official correspondence.