official correspondence

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As they went along, certainly one of the party, and probably more than one, thought that Bleeding Heart Yard was no inappropriate destination for a man who had been in official correspondence with my lords and the Barnacles--and perhaps had a misgiving also that Britannia herself might come to look for lodgings in Bleeding Heart Yard some ugly day or other, if she over-did the Circumlocution Office.
We are waiting for the official correspondence from Delhi government but DTP will pitch for hefty fine ranging from `1,000 to `4,000 whenever it is asked for suggestions.
municipal waste of / proper treatment for the transfer of housing supply system, and addressing, every year 26 times on the dates previously agreed organized by the public side of the receptacle forms outsourced green waste to the customer collection and treatment facilities transport, customer service, billing, collection of fees, official correspondence, certification and documentation maintain full performance of the framework contract for a period of six months.
The wording of the official correspondence implies that the company itself conceded the plant consisted of heavy industry, but that it could be converted to light industry with certain modifications.
Shahram Khan stressed the PDs to personally pursue their cases in government offices instead of only relying on the traditional way of official correspondence so that things could be disposed off well in time.
The court was further told that official correspondence will be made in Urdu too.
Taresh Taresh is a correspondence management system, designed with the goal of managing official correspondence between all Abu Dhabi government entities.
Any official correspondence from the US embassy or an embassy official will be from a properly formatted US Department of State e-mail address ending in @state.
The delegation gave a detailed account on "Zajil" electronic correspondence project which aims to enable national government bodies to strengthen their official correspondence electronically.
I recall official correspondence, just saved, to the Duc of York (and that was even before he was ducking and weaving
Since 1923, Armenians, Greeks and Jews have been assigned numbers in official correspondence between government institutions.
The Houthis stole the minister's official stamp, which he requires for official correspondence, memos, and paying salaries.