official correspondence

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As they went along, certainly one of the party, and probably more than one, thought that Bleeding Heart Yard was no inappropriate destination for a man who had been in official correspondence with my lords and the Barnacles--and perhaps had a misgiving also that Britannia herself might come to look for lodgings in Bleeding Heart Yard some ugly day or other, if she over-did the Circumlocution Office.
DIRCO spokeperson Lunga Ngqengelele said the department received official correspondence from the Rwanda government that President Kagame would no longer travel to South Africa for the meeting.
Retrospectives are required for the translation of documents, Official correspondence between the mfp and international institutions, For press releases, For the translation of documents that are published on the site, For representation materials in the romanian and international courts, Etc.
But, in a statement issued Thursday, NAS's spokesperson, Suba Samuel Manase denied receiving any official correspondence of interest from Episcopal Church of South Sudan Internal Province of Central Equatoria State or from the Archbishop for any mediation.
The Interpol has told India it decided to issue the notice due to lack of evidence and any proof of wrong doing, a spokesman of Naik in London stated sharing the official correspondence.
Officials say the State Department is discussing an arrangement that would allow China to import Iranian oil as payment in kind for sizable investments of the Chinese oil company Sinopec in an Iranian oil field -- and administration officials have offered to issue a waiver for the payback oil in official correspondence between the State Department and Sinopec, according to a source familiar with the situation.
"If you receive official correspondence from a 'landlord' and are worried it might be a scam, often a good clue is that it will be written in poor English."
The official correspondence between some teaching hospitals, health authorities and the programme head in this respect also shows the alleged negligence and the potential risk of wastage of the medicines, resulting in loss to the exchequer.
The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had yet to receive any official correspondence about the business going under, and was only informed by her venue.
Robert Watt warned in official correspondence the scheme posed "an unprecedented risk" to the finances of the State.
According to official correspondence signed by PM's Focal Person on Polio eradication, expressed appreciation for Facebook's policies and regulations dealing with hateful content and propaganda.
According to an official correspondence signed by Prime Minister's Focal Person on Polio Eradication Babar bin Atta on Friday, 'The harmful content on Facebook is not just jeopardising our polio eradication initiative, but is also putting the lives of our anti-polio vaccinators at risk.'