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According to the official count, Hernandez won with 42.
6 percentage points according to the official count.
Last June 21, DC decided to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day by making history when it broke the record for the world's largest skateboarding parade with the official count of 1,108 and an unofficial count of 2,800 participants.
We are now monitoring fireworks and firecracker related injuries as there might be early users of firecrackers, he said over a local radio station, noting that campaigns official count of possible firecracker victims will start on Dec.
The sad reality is that many weapons that are being circulated in Pakistan are unlicensed and are present without official count.
No official count was released as of this writing, but in a talk with a venue official during the first quarter of the Barangay Ginebra-Star game, the man, who politely declined to be identified, said that the 'generous estimate' of last night's crowd would be in the 20,000-23,000 range.
The Pentagon says there are about 3,800 US forces there, not including hundreds who are on temporary duty and not included in the official count.
6% lower than the NCEO's official count for the end of 2012, but there is a slight uptick in the number of active participants, and the value of plan assets has been trending up.
Saudi officials, who pledged to investigate the stampede, have issued an official count of 769 deaths, and its state-run Saudi Press Agency has made no mention of the investigation since Oct.
As of last week's official count, enrollment at the university now stands at 24,766 students.
This is the official count, but we have to assume that the real number is probably higher," he said.
Organizers estimated the rally drew more than 7,000 people, though a more official count was expected later in the day.