official court order

See: summons
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Meralco spokesman Joe Zaldarriaga said they have not received the official court order, but will obey the decision of the Supreme Court.
As the country is not a member of the EU, the only way to gain access to the data hosted within a Swiss data centre is if the company receives an official court order proving guilt or liability.
Meanwhile, a large military force and police, late Saturday night, brutally raided the house of the director of Wadi Helwa information center, Jawad Siam in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan to arrest him without showing an official court order.
Therefore, they had to wait for the official court order before doing so.
In the meantime, your most expedient option is to petition the state court and obtain an official court order to change your name.
According to the official court order, the Court of Appeals has concluded that i-Deal "clearly and convincingly" established their case that many of the claims are "obvious as a matter of law", that the Parity[R] product does not infringe on an existing patent, and the "remainder of the district court's judgment is vacated.
com/pirate-bay-finds-safe-haven-in-iceland-switches-to-is-domain-130425/) told TorrentFreak that unless it receives an official court order from the government, it will treat The Pirate Bay the same as every other website.
html) RIA Novosti that it was prepared to block the video in Russia as soon as it received the official court order.
Which means Facebook can process requests based only on official court orders or if it violates its community guidelines.