official document

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The court session presided over by judge by Dr Omar Obaid Al Ghoul heard the case and issued the verdict against the 25-year-old man for forging official documents and impersonating.
The proposal was approved by the Planning and Development Commission of Ganzi Prefecture Government on April 21, 2004 as official document No.
Miss Joyner was dismissed from Ty Catrin, a mental health hospital in Ely, after the popstars joke on the official document.
This a major catastrophe as we lack any official document to prove that those holy sites are a Muslim Waqf," he told Gulf News.
Instead of showing any official document approving the demolition, they just threatened me.
A statement by the Secretariat General said that the electronic voter-s card is considered an official document relied on by state institutions to prove personality.
Some 11,600 people were exiled to other regions across Turkey, Erdogan said, citing another official document signed by Ismet Inonu, then leader of the CHP and Turkey's second president after Ataturk died in 1938.
Alma Scragg pleaded guilty to falsifying an official document on August 3, 2006.
CONFUSION over the Government's controversial pay-as-you-throw rubbish plans deepened today after an official document appeared to give the scheme the go-ahead.
In March, 2006, homosexualists redoubled their efforts to have the former Commission on Human Rights introduce a clause to an official document banning discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation;" to date Christians and Muslims have successfully thwarted their attempts.
Allow me to confirm at the outset that the NAE is not circulating any official document on the environment," it read.
However, the DA Form 348 must remain the official document of record because it contains important information that is never transferred to ULLS-G.