official inquiry

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Again, an official inquiry could not be made without bringing out some facts about the treasure, which I was particularly anxious to keep secret.
It is not necessary that I should prolong a narrative which has already run to too great a length by telling how we broke the sad news to the terrified girl, how we conveyed her by the morning train to the care of her good aunt at Harrow, of how the slow process of official inquiry came to the conclusion that the doctor met his fate while indiscreetly playing with a dangerous pet.
5 Shall we start the official inquiry into our involvement in the Syrian War now just to make sure most of us are alive when Chilcot II reports?
A HUGE official inquiry into historic child abuse will look at alleged crimes by politicians, church leaders and senior spies.
A fourth judge resigned before the official inquiry had concluded.
Take, for example, the alleged paedophile ring at Westminster involving prominent politicians and the official inquiry into historic child sex abuse.
Sources said that official inquiry will be got conducted against Fayyaz Ahmad Wattoo and he is being suspended.
ABERDOUR They moved to Aberdour in Fife, Dmitri claims, to avoid an official inquiry after he accused them of physical abuse, which they denied.
A WELSH Assembly committee has begun accepting feedback ahead of an official inquiry into the future of the Wales and Border rail franchise.
Dhaka: A fire that killed 111 workers at a Bangladesh garment factory last month was an act of sabotage and managers at the plant prevented victims from escaping, the head of an official inquiry said.
The report of an official inquiry into the original claims was published in 2000 and whether it was carried out properly will now be investigated by an independent figure acting on the orders of the Prime Minister.
Seven of the twelve will be placed under official inquiry, while five others are being released, he added.

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