official procedure

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During the meeting, the council's committee also voted to amend the official procedure for webcasting, filming and recording of meetings.
This is Apple's current and official procedure in all of their partner service centers and we have to comply with it.
The woman then according to the rules had submitted the insurance claim and was given the animal along with a week's baby after the official procedure, she added.
The statement was released by the spokesperson of the Sindh Police, who explained that officers leaving their designated headquarters for the meeting must inform the relevant departments, which is part of the official procedure.
The official procedure, isauli mo sa akin 'yan (is that you will return it to me) with recommendation and I will sign it.
The comments received will be included in the structure of the Neighbourhood Plan, and eventually according to the official procedure there will be a referendum in Kingston Park.
The official procedure will be followed," said Babu.
Hong Kong has signed an extradition treaty with the United States, but no official procedure on that has been taken.
Under the new proposal for a directive, member states would no longer have to wait for the official procedure to be completed.
In light of the much discussed issue to "codify" or make an official interpretation of constitutional conventions in Canada, this article introduces the Manual of Official Procedure of the Government of Canada to further stimulate discussion on the topics presented at the Public Policy Forum and at the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights in 2011.
The company is now gouging potential investor interest before starting an official procedure on the USD1bn asset sale, the paper wrote.
The official procedure currently under way is in the preliminary stages, with the tender committee awaiting confirmation of its decision, probably by the end of this week, according to local media on Wednesday.