official record

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This envelope had the air of an official record of some period long past, when clerks engrossed their stiff and formal chirography on more substantial materials than at present.
When my convivial host discovered that he had told me so much, and that I was prone to doubtfulness, his foolish pride assumed the task the old vintage had commenced, and so he unearthed written evidence in the form of musty manuscript, and dry official records of the British Colonial Office to support many of the salient features of his remarkable narrative.
It appears also from the official records, that the trees were unexpectedly, some years afterwards, succeeded by a wire grass which spread over the whole surface.
Earlier, the Anti Corruption Department's officials said some departments were using delaying tactics in provision of official record for probing corruption related cases.
CAG also revealed that there was nothing on the official record to show that the films had been assigned to Chawak for examination and for issuance of certificates, thus indicating arbitrary working process in the CBFC.
EUR[pounds sterling]We agree with those who have highlighted the symbolic importance of the Record of Proceedings to the Welsh language, particularly given its status as the official record of WalesEURO main democratic institution.
The kind of blanket immunity Washington is pressing for Davis, is not endorsed by the official record of the Foreign Ministry," Qureshi had said.
FLICKING through Steve Johnson's impressive book, Everton - The Official Record, something struck me.
Frank Fahey asked a civil servant in July 2000 to allow a claim for a boat which sank 17 years earlier, despite marine authorities having no official record of the vessel.
For the uninitiated, the Red Book is the official record source for the American League and the Green Book is the official record source for the National League and is published each year for media purposes.
There is no date on the official record of that important event in the history of Cardiff.
Giblin has entered into the official record an Assembly Resolution honoring Control Group, the nation's leading integrated facilities support firm, and its owners, chairman and CEO Edward D.