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Top leaders of the party will go to the country's capital Naypyitaw in the coming days to meet with the commission and present more details of their party, NLD spokesman Ohn Kyaing said, adding that the commission is expected to grant official registration for the party in a week or two after that.
The Siddiquis had all along maintained that Ayesha had married the Pakistani cricketer in 2002 through a telephone nikah, and had even produced the official registration document, and asked Shoaib to officially acknowledge the marriage.
While the official registration process for candidates would not start until April 20, information packs would be available at provincial information centres over the next six days, Zakria Barekzi, acting chief of the Independent Electoral Commission told reporters.
THE OFFICIAL registration of 47 candidates in the elections for Cyprus' six seats in the European Parliament on 6 June took place yesterday at the Nicosia Hilton.
Oliveira, who was actually born on December 11, marks his birth in line with his official registration the following day.
Official registration figures show the new car market is down 23% but the true figure, taking out cars that have been registered by dealers, could be as much as 35%.
Official registration and sponsorship forms and a stepby-step guide are available from Mr Mountford on 024 7632 9392.
Official figures list 375 fully qualified social workers being considered for official registration as having records for high or medium-risk offences.
"Now for a modest outlay of less than pounds 20 which includes official registration, Saddle TraC will provide a security level and importantly a traceability element which will be favoured by insurance companies and the various equestrian authorities."
They convinced passers-by that the importance of official registration of labor relations and the benefits of legal employment.
The next few months are expected to see a number of developments at Expo 2020, with official registration starting in November 2015.
"We are very happy to have concluded this critical yet simple phase of the process," says Solamon CEO Graeme Boyce, who along with SVP Christian Giles are traveling throughout Ghana, "and look forward to receiving our official registration papers for the company shortly.