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The officials also failed to submit an official reply on the petition.
QUETTA: A Division Bench of the Balochistan High Court had expressed its anger against the Secretary and Director-General Mines and Minerals for abstaining from the court proceeding and their failure to submit an official reply on the petition challenging the extending the contract of Saindak Copper and Gold by the Federal Government.
TRA is awaiting an official reply from the telecom company to begin due procedures.
I need their official reply to protect my interests legally.
In official Reply Comments filed June 8 with the FCC, the NAB urged the Commission to provide broadcasters "with as much flexibility as possible in adopting rules to govern the voluntary deployment of" the ATSC 3.
The milestone means the Government has to issue an official reply.
In their official reply to the lawyers, Silivri Prison management stated that meetings were recorded for security reasons when it was deemed necessary.
Member of a parliamentary committee in charge of reviewing subsidies, MP Ahmed Qarata, said the committee hasn't received any official reply from the government concerning a decision to scrap meat subsidies, set to take effect tomorrow.
The senator's so-called official reply raises more questions.
During Tuesday proceedings, the petitioner raised objection over the official reply saying that that he did not submit intra party elections report which legally was much important.
We have duly addressed this issue in several media briefings in early 2014, and have provided the Commission on Audit with our official reply as well.
However, we have not yet received an official reply yet," Pathak told.