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Each week's winning entry earns its writer $100, a pretty good chance of winning a grand prize drawing for a laptop computer and, most importantly, an official writing credit if the screenplay is made into a movie, Jones said.
6) Although the connection has some support in Machiavelli's own writings, the failure of these scholars to address the complete, or almost complete, absence of Roman references in the official writings on the militia makes the interpretation problematic.
Guicciardini's Dialogo not only gives us a general idea of how Florentines at the turn of the Cinquecento viewed the imitation of Roman modes and orders, but also provides a plausible explanation for the conspicuous absence of references to the Roman republic in the official writings on the new militia of 1506.
The frequent references to Machiavelli's studio, doctrina and filosofia in his private correspondence, and the often lofty and animated rhetoric of the letters, centered around historical exemplars like Manlius Torquatus, Moses, Cicero, Scipio and Fabius Maximus, show that the private discussions among him and his associates were not as low key as their official writings suggest.