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But we should never lose sight of the fact that the richness and beauty of the Welsh language has little to do with bureaucracy and officialdom and everything to do with the literature, music and poetry of Wales, spanning centuries.
According to a Dawn editorial, it is the kind of influence that the PML-N chief exerts in the world of politics and officialdom.
Those policemen, in appearance the very epitome of burly officialdom, are struggling to contain the excited racegoers as a smiling Taaffe weaves his way through them.
Tom said: "Wherever the responsibility lies, officialdom has shown a shameful disregard for the men who gave their lives in defence of ideals supposedly held in high esteem by that same officialdom.
I have met all sorts of abuse, from the man in the street to officialdom, but I pay my taxes and visit my country several times a year, so I feel those comments are unwarranted.
Well, the least that can be said is that officialdom has finally caught up with what we have all known for some time - they can no longer mask the statistics with creative accounting.
A THE official line from officialdom is: "Trade plates are a concession granted to motor traders and testers to carry out their business without the inconvenience and administrative burden of registering and taxing every vehicle temporarily in their possession.
Snooping by officialdom is commonplace now and it will not go unnoticed that Home Office Minister Meg Hiller did not deny claims that the Government is planning legislation to authorise the monitoring of emails.
The current generation of church officials may not repeat their initial defensive posture, but the next generation isn't here yet and no doubt when its turn comes will react as Christian officialdom has done for centuries.
Alan Kriegsman wrote in The Washington Post, "Park officialdom asserted its duty to protect taxpayers from a grave moral trauma--the disgusting sight of a naked human breast.
WHY is it that whenever there is a dry spell in this country, officialdom starts talking about standpipes and hosepipe bans ?
In his memoir, In My Brother's Shadow, he affirms the soixante-huitard antiauthoritarian ideals of nonconformity and skepticism toward officialdom, even if his own eventual break with the German Communist Party suggested that politics are less pure a realm than temperament.