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1) adj. an act, document or anything sanctioned or authorized by a public official or public agency. The term can also apply to an organizational act or product which is authorized by the organization, such as an Official Boy Scout knife or emblem, an official warranty, membership card, or set of rules. 2) n. a public officer or governmental employee who is empowered to exercise judgment. 3) n. an officer of a corporation or business. (See: officer)

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OFFICIAL, civil and canon laws. In the ancient civil law, the person who was the minister of, or attendant upon a magistrate, was called the official.
     2. In the canon law, the person to whom the bishop generally commits the charge of his spiritual jurisdiction, bears this name. Wood's Inst. 30, 505; Merl. Repert. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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They will have to be qualified as referees, of course, but like the umpire decision review system in cricket, it can be added to the growing industry surrounding officialdom.
If their high handedness and pursuit of conflict continued then lawyers would take to streets again, they warned while condemning officialdom unjust and insolent conduct towards lawyers.
Officialdom and some landmark buildings participating in the one-hour lights-out event dose not spell countrywide awareness.
In Strasbourg is a museum devoted to the work of the locally born brilliant author/illustrator--The Musee Tomi Ungerer; would that officialdom and culture intelligentsia held our own picture book maestros up to such eminence!
But enthusiasts point to its success in reducing traffic accidents and making the jobs of thousands of workers much safer." He later goes on to say: "What is perhaps most significant, however, is the manner in which this mass-produced garment, available from pound shops the length and breadth of the country, has come to lend its wearer's the mantle of officialdom, licensed to give orders by virtue of their outerwear."
Sometimes, officialdom makes itself a very soft target; it's hard to imagine too many readers having sympathy with a bureaucrat whose 9-5 regime is so stressful he or she must have access to Indian head massage therapy.
Handing back power from centralised officialdom to neighbourhood communities.
* SIR - As we learned from Eastern Europe, once mistrust between officialdom and the public is established, each incident increases mistrust that results in more restrictions which results in more incidents and so mistrust simply intensifies, and with each step officialdom becomes more convinced that the end justifies the means.
Summary: Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson's latest confrontation with officialdom could land him in even more hot water.
Similarly, this East German attic has been a structure that has held a long and intense succession of ghosts--it is a repository of our imagination but also of the cultural weight of oikonomos, the officialdom.
It is no secret that the existing officialdom system is cumbersome and is unable to adequately and quickly respond to the crisis situation and rapid changes, to make not only prompt decision, but the correct decision.
A COACH firm boss has condemned "officialdom gone made" after one of his buses got a parking ticket for briefly stopping outside a school.