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Impatient at the supposed slow pace by elected officialdom, a publicly funded body has taken upon itself to enact guidelines for scientific research that will be overseen by a yet-to-be-appointed Stem Cell Oversight Committee.
But they usually happen in spite of religious officialdom.
The chief of Britain's military staff, General Sir Charles Guthrie, assailed as "ill-conceived" a proposal floated by figures within British officialdom that the armed services should be compelled to accept disabled recruits for front-line positions.
David Hockney is outspoken, privileged by his irremovable status, in his distaste for an officialdom of art.
The avowed denials about a spy in NATO's ranks were dismissed as standard practice of military officialdom.
Why do NPR's national political correspondents routinely sound like note-takers for officialdom instead of independent journalists?
At the news of perestroika and Gorbachev's intention to start scrapping his warheads, did Washington officialdom don funny hats, swill champagne, and run out to foxtrot through the streets?
Before Gorbachev, Soviet officialdom found it difficult to entertain any notion about diverging trends within the Soviet alliance and was particularly resistant to the idea that nationalism plays any role within the East bloc.
Spearheaded by the top tier of city and county officialdom, ground-breaking ceremonies were held today (Jan.
The officialdom may be content with what it is doing.
Disabled James Hazle deserves support and sympathy, not threats and penalties from a bureaucratic officialdom with no compassion.
As Chief Constables appear evermore political themselves, isn't the real purpose of this new officialdom not just to replace the police authorities with as many new members but to ensure political line-toeing such that police control falls firmly in the hands of the Prime Minister?