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In contrast, La Salle coach Aldin Ayo liked how the game was officiated.
Umpire Tariq Butt, who has officiated with him in various emirates, said: "Zaidi's passion for the game and knowledge of the rules of the game made him a very reputed umpire.
Local professional referee Colin Humphries officiated the final of the Ladbrokes Players Championship in Manchester at the weekend.
During the 2008 IPL, I officiated in matches in Delhi, but I have never done an international match there.
2 : to act as an officer : preside <She officiated at the annual meeting.
The official in the low status condition, had four years of basketball officiating experience, typically officiated three high school junior varsity games per week, and was considered by colleagues to be needing more instruction and experience.
They officiated in the football events in the Atlanta and Beijing Olympic Games, respectively, according to a report.
The 36-year-old has officiated 22 times so far this season and has issued 90 yellow cards and four reds.
Irmatov also officiated at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar and was selected to referee the final between Australia and Japan.
Sir Ian McKellen is a close friend of the pair and postings on social media suggest he officiated at the secret ceremony.
He recently took charge of the FIFA World Cup qualifier between San Marino and Montenegro and last week officiated at a UEFA U-19 European Championship minitournament in Albania.