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Number two, being mayor of the city of Du Quoin and three is the officiating.
Marcial may be the perfect commissioner to come up with a definitive officiating style book.
Mushtaque Ahmad said, "I congratulate Deepa and Durga Devi for their exemplary work in officiating at international and domestic matches.
They say there's no perfect officiating, but that doesn't mean the league won't do everything to improve how officials call the games,' he said.
We work in a region that's very forward-thinking when it comes to creating better officiating processes with technology -- we're the latest of several sporting organizations to implement VARs," said Jong-Soo, PARK Manager at K LEAGUE.
You can do well in theory and all, but when you are officiating in front of the crowd, the challenge is different.
Pay for officiating third- through sixth-grade games is $12 per game.
the State Judicial Commission admonished Tabor that, because he had a record of officiating at traditional weddings,.
Officiating at these weddings gives me great joy and a sense of deep spirituality.
From 1958 until 2002, Loftus was an on-floor referee, officiating thousands of high school and college games.
However in this matter the (Retd) General is appointed as officiating chairman which has no constitutional pursuance.
STEWARDS' inquiries across the south east will be all the duller when Peter Cairns hangs up his binoculars after officiating for the last time at Lingfield on Tuesday.