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They even leverage the scarcity of pages in paper-based journals by charging scientists hefty production fees for printing their articles--not for the offprints but for publishing the article in the journal itself.
The second offprint is a 1986 essay from The New York Times Book Review by Coetzee, "Into the Dark Chamber: The Novelist and South Africa," in which Coetzee depicts the novelist as excluded from the torture chamber and therefore obliged to imagine what goes on in there.
Factors of cultural identity are on occasion treated summarily (Eliot is said to offprint the programme of the 'Action francaise'!
(36) Antonio Ferrao, 'O segundo Duque de Lafoes e o Marques de Pombal (subsidios para a biografia do fundador da Academia das Ciencias)', offprint from Boletim da Segunda Classe, 19 (1935), 174.
Warner, An offprint from Philosophical Grounds of Rationality: Intentions, Categories, Ends.
The Photograph begins with Kath's husband Glyn searching through a dusty filing cupboard, "a landscape in which everything coexists, requiring expert deconstruction." Looking for a scholarly offprint, he unexpectedly comes upon a photograph of Kath holding hands with her sister's husband, Nick.
This would make an excellent offprint for mission studies.
3: "The term nature was originally used to indicate the generation of creatures that are born." Compare also the study by Georges Cottier, "Le concept de nature chez saint Thomas," offprint from Collana "Dialogo di filosofia," n.
(Offprint from Aarobger for nordisk Oldkyndighed og Historie 1889: 199-290).
18, and The World in 2000, a special offprint from the offices of The Economist, 1999, p.
His personal offprint files include a December 10, 1916, newspaper clipping from the Sun in Baltimore, Maryland, describing a clay facial reproduction that led to an identification in a New York case (Ubelaker 1999a:727).
Cherpack, an offprint of which was presented to me as a graduate student in 1979, with the inscription, "It is always a pleasure to greet a prospective member of the 'I-Can't-Believe-I-Read-the-Whole-Astree Club."