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Increasing the fill rate of cars or trucks reduces the environmental offprint of commuting, cargo transportation; the short-term rental of flats reduces the need for urban capacity build-outs, e-readers substitute papers and the interrelated exploitation of forests for paper production.
offprint from Screen Education (July/ August, 1965): 3-19.
I thank Dr Daniel for sending thc offprint of his paper and alerting me to the Chwedlau verse, and Dr Daniel Huws of the National Library of Wales for the Llanstephan folio-reference.
It allows us to give our students easier collaboration options within their course sites, supports an active learning model that we are working to promote, and our faculty like the ease with which they are able to share their own electronic offprint collections," he added.
JSEAS XX(2), September 1989:175-95; offprint by courtesy of the author.
402-406; in offprint as Survey of Church Union Negotiations 1999-2002, Faith and Order Paper No.
As the exhibition seems to have developed spontaneously, there is no catalogue, but information can be gleaned from clear but brief labels and from an offprint of David Jaffe's and Amanda Bradley's recent article on the Massacre of the Innocents in APOLLO.
by Paul Choffat (Lisbon: Academia Real das Ciencias, 1888), offprint from Comunicacoes da Comissao dos Trabalhos Geologicos, Tom.
This four-page report, which is also available as a separate offprint, was prepared by David B.
Our previous issue included, in offprint form, the moving tribute to Marlin by Konrad Raiser, general secretary of the World Council of Churches and editor of this journal.
This eight-page report, which is also available as a separate offprint, was prepared by David B.