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Unlike the straight National Reporter System offprints, the West law reports published for these states have consecutive pagination.
They even leverage the scarcity of pages in paper-based journals by charging scientists hefty production fees for printing their articles--not for the offprints but for publishing the article in the journal itself.
Muchas de las nuevas formas de publicacion y acceso a los articulos son patentes en el caso de offprints y reprints.
Metternich's Great Admirer Clever Peter Viereck'll Seem a bit more of a miracle If he'll hold himself in a particle And refrain from sending us offprints of his every godblessed article.
Not all material, of course, was purchased, as from the beginning the library relied on gifts of books and article offprints donated by members.
Their process was on view in an assortment of test runs and offprints that covered the wall behind the gallery's reception desk, with thumbtacks, overlaps, and loose corners all in evidence.
Rothwell and Mariangela Tempera kindly replied to my queries, provided detailed information about their publications or sent me xeroxes and offprints. An earlier version of the Othello section was initially presented as a paper at the 2004 Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America in New Orleans, and I am immensely grateful to Samuel Crowl for having invited me to contribute it to the workshop "Teaching Shakespeare on Film."
Some afterthoughts came my way when this magazine sent me a couple of offprints, the first a 2003 essay by Joseph Frank about an actual colloquium on evil at which Coetzee was the keynote speaker.
It would be appreciated if scholars would send offprints of articles or complete bibliographical information (as described below) to:
A listing of the entire extant collection of his books has been published in the first volume of Charles Darwin's marginalia (9), the editors of which are currently compiling a second volume based on their listing of the extant copies of Darwin's extensive collection of journals and offprints of published papers.
Yagi was reading in the train offprints of Gundert's German translation and exegesis, together with the original text, of a Chinese classic Zen Buddhist work.