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The WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines will further improve how offsets are applied by standardising the approach across all government agencies and departments.
The WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines were prepared in collaboration with the Chamber of Minerals and Energy, the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies and the departments of Environment Regulation, Mines and Petroleum and Parks and Wildlife, he said.
The guidelines also increase transparency and predictability for developers by clarifying when an offset is needed and explicitly defining the factors that will be considered in determining the amount of offset required.
Offsets are a complex and arcane aspect of defense trade.
agree to offsets within the broader context of negotiating the sale of a
14) During these negotiations, vendors may offer offsets as an
The use of offsets began in 1961, when the United States required
present time, offsets are an integral part of negotiations in defense
Offsets are vulnerable to corruption because they distribute large
of defense offsets raises a suspicion that offset incentives contain
Defense offsets, like defense procurements as a whole, pose an
Additionally, offsets constitute a high percentage of the value of