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The interior ministry has opposed registration of the MML as a political party terming it an offshoot of banned outfits.
It could also be squirrels cutting offshoots for moisture.
The group's internal crisis varies from one country to another, but in all cases, the publicity it is getting is unprecedented and threatens to undermine the popularity of the group and its offshoots," he wrote in AL HAYAT.
Studies indicate that drug money makes most of the financing for HuT's offshoots like the IMU, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban.
An affable, relaxed de Mol was in Los Angeles last week to pitch another slew of projects from Endemol USA, the offshoot company led by David Goldberg,
The scientists note that the central rib gives out offshoots, just as a modern feather's shaft does, and the base looks like a feather's end, or calamus.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) bans polygamy, but a number of small fundamentalist offshoots still follow the traditional church practice.
However, she may be overly optimistic in believing that Shakespearean offshoots "ask those different (oppositional) questions" and seek "a different [read anticanonical] target audience" (53).
The musicals were often in revue format or were barely disguised offshoots of the vaudeville stage, in which dance was part of the formula, giving audiences a little of this and a little of that -- singing, dancing, and comedy, with costumes and sets that grew ever more lavish.
These vehicles can no longer be offshoots of recreational vehicles which were, in turn, offshoots of motor homes.
Inexpensive offshoots at Macy's are Mexican-made margarita and wine glasses with a pale green bowl and dark green stem shaped like a cactus ($12).