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That's the way these staph infections are transmitted most of the time, oftentime with contact with skin that has abrasions and with shared items like shared razors, soap, towels and blankets.
A large number of our customers frequent Mexico and oftentimes they come back from business and visiting family and they have leftover pesos in their pocket,'' Gamm said.
Oftentimes, though, as in the case of the lengthy explication of a poem by Irish Romantic poet Thomas Moore, Gates provides more information than we need or want to know.
Oftentimes, outbreaks go without protection programs.
They're dropped off at Queensboro Plaza in the middle of the night with only their clothes and a three ride MetroCard and oftentimes, no one there to meet them.
Oftentimes, plumage and other features are so similar between species that differentiating them can seem close to impossible.
electronic stability program) to EPB (electric parking brakes)--available for drivers to use, oftentimes unbeknownst to them, as the control systems kick in in response to inputs from sensors deployed on the vehicle.
And we don't oftentimes make the distinction between legal and illegal.
This too, Ellis handles skillfully, reminding us that oftentimes what we most want from good story-telling is the very thing so easy to lose as we march the hard jungle of life: hope.
The article "Independent Contractor or Not" (JofA, May04, page 89), while addressing a real issue on which many CPAs must regularly advise their clients, is a prime example of where oftentimes JofA articles fall short and thus become of limited value.
When you are CFO, oftentimes you don't have to spend a lot of money talking to lawyers, underwriters and accountants, when you can find out what fellow members have done to help themselves, [and] improve themselves.
Oftentimes the insurance agency transactions are private entities buying or merging with each other, and this may be for strategic reasons to compete against the large brokers and banks or just to increase market share for increased revenues from the insurance companies.