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Then, when we had borne you to the ships out of the fray, we laid you on your bed and cleansed your fair skin with warm water and with ointments.
But when the flames of heaven had done their work, we gathered your white bones at daybreak and laid them in ointments and in pure wine.
But that suitable discourse might not fail, Fate sent them, overtaking and overtaken upon the road, the courteous Dacca physician, who paid for his food in ointments good for goitre and counsels that restore peace between men and women.
It nodded like a wind-blown harebell down the valleys and round the mountain sides, and in due time the lama and Kim, who steered by compass, would overhaul it, vending ointments and powders at eventide.
For the odors of ointments are more durable, than those of flowers.
She restored his belief in himself and put healing ointments, as it were, on all the bruises of his soul.
Joan had her own ointments along, and she prefaced their application by fomenting his swollen features with hot cloths.
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com/research/rt8fjg/global_baby) has announced the addition of the "Global Baby Ointment Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
THE MEDICINES and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a drug alert notice for Zovirax Eye Ointment (Aciclovir 3%).
Hess's Udder Ointment can moisturize until the cows come home when the 100-year-old skin salve returns to the market.