old campaigner

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It was damned unfriendly, Mac," said Rawdon, quite overcome; and, covering his face with his hands, he gave way to an emotion, the sight of which caused the tough old campaigner opposite him to wince with sympathy.
Billy the Mule stumped off with the swaggering limp of an old campaigner, as the troop-horse's head came nuzzling into my breast, and I gave him biscuits, while Vixen, who is a most conceited little dog, told him fibs about the scores of horses that she and I kept.
It was hardly an appeal to be successful with one who was an old campaigner as well as an old friend.
After her turn, which she did this time with the nerve of an old campaigner, the manager returned to the charge; and after saying nice things and being generally nice himself, he came to the point.
My dear madam," said I, "I am an old campaigner, and if I were not I can very well see that no apology is needed.
And the men who read the despatches off to the audience were old campaigners, who had been to the places and helped to make the vote, and could make appropriate comments: Quincy, Illinois, from 189 to 831--that was where the mayor had arrested a Socialist speaker
But the wily old campaigner simply sucked Moon in and caught him with a classic counter attacking punch.
WILY old campaigner Peter Shreeves is a couple of weeks away from landing the Sheffield Wednesday job on a permanent basis.
It is far easer to trust wily old campaigner RobertWeale to see off England's Stephen Knight, at a general 2-5.
THAT grand old campaigner SOLO FLIGHT showed that he still retains some of his sparkle when coming out second best behind Trueno in the Essex And Suffolk Chamber Commerce Classified Stakes at Newmarket yesterday.
One in three Top Gear viewers picked the trusty old campaigner above more glamorous rivals.
Michael Hourigan's tough old campaigner has been in tremendous form this season, winning twice and making the frame twice in the last three weeks.