old fashioned

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Maybe mechanical engineering is becoming old fashioned, but it will remain necessary as long as man lives on earth.
Old Fashioned chased stern fractions in the 1m Rebel before hitting the front turning for home.
Whilst I hadn't read the first book, the activities here are all hands on activities, without a television or computer in sight, and seem aimed at offering old fashioned fun.
Old Fashioned Shake has 1,200 calories and 64 grams of fat, 45 of them artery-clogging (that's more than you'd get from any burger at any chain).
Unsurprisingly, there's no easy narrative about where the Old Fashioned comes from.
If more people had held old fashioned views, perhaps there would have been more protests from the public.
Is it still a postal ballot if people have to put their votes in old fashioned boxes?
The veteran actor describes his character as: 'A bit of a lad, very old fashioned, with old-fashioned principles.
To your heart, downing an Old Fashioned is worse than eating a Whopper or a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese.