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Rod Gillies, head of innovation at Whyte & Mackay (the Glasgow-based company that owns The Woodsman), said: "Everyone loves a good Old Fashioned, and our maple syrup version is a cracker."
I think that mechanical is somewhat old fashioned as automation is taking place of the previously used techniques.
"You can't say old fashioned, they say, you've got to say traditional.
Ken Gardener, who runs the Fox and Hounds in Shenstone, near Lichfield, may be a supporter of traditional pubs and old fashioned ale, but he is now spearheading a bid to get the local telephone exchange upgraded to superfast fibre optic broadband.
The music may be "old fashioned" but the gigs are attended by all age groups.
Old Fashioned chased stern fractions in the 1m Rebel before hitting the front turning for home.
Whilst I hadn't read the first book, the activities here are all hands on activities, without a television or computer in sight, and seem aimed at offering old fashioned fun.
Every time the Home Office or some politician wants to set yet another initiative off and running it is always accompanied by some reference to "old fashioned policing".
Apart from the fact that these 'old fashioned languages' also happen to be the native language spoken in the lands of our nearest neighbours they also happen to be among our most important export markets and, in an increasingly competitive world, it is incumbent on our managers, sales and technical personnel of the future to communicate effectively with potential customers.
Based in Gateshead's Team Valley, The Old Fashioned Football Shirt company, had wanted to stop the North American Soccer League (NASL) from registering the logo of the New York Cosmos for use on a variety of clothing, hats, shoes and bags.
Maid-Rite is also introducing its new line of modified atmosphere packaging for the fresh meat case with a cross-section of convenient, old fashioned favorites including Italian style meatballs in sauce, sausage and peppers in sauce, salisbury steaks in homestyle brown gravy.
What we're doing to address the change in market dynamics, from a growth market to a market which questions the value of its IT operations, is to focus on four main areas: outsourcing, office relocations, data centers, good old fashioned service and support solutions.