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Relationship experts at Relate believe that the increased use of the websites had contributed to the highest number of divorces for seven years as users met up with old flames.
However, when Ms Barlow gets a call to say Amy has been taken ill, Steve drives her home leaving the old flames in an uncomfortable situation.
Isabel Wolff offers a modern-day love story about old flames, new starts and families.
BILL: Old flames often have a way of reappearing just when you're carrying a torch for someone new.
THE creators of a website devoted to reuniting old flames insisted yesterday that it was not set up to wreck marriages.
I think there's a trend at the moment to be nostalgic, to think back at things and wonder what happened to your old flames.
Among his old flames were former TV newsreader Vyvyan Macke-son and topless model Mary Bartlett.
He receives an anonymous letter about someone who could be his son then sets off to visit old flames, including Sharon Stone and Jessica Lange.