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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

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That old girl reappearing by and by, quite fresh, and sitting down to her needlework, then and only then--the greens being only then to be considered as entirely off her mind--Mr.
Bagnet, but having an eye solely on the old girl all the time, as Bagnet has himself.
Bagnet's opinion, as delivered through the old girl, and it so relieves Mr.
Or they learn in godly-gay style to play the harp with a hymn-poet, who would fain harp himself into the heart of young girls:--for he hath tired of old girls and their praises.
TAKHTBHAI -- Five years old girl was died when over speeded motor car hit her at Shah Noor Pull area of Takhtbhai on Wednesday.
When the parents were out, the 48-year-old used to put the 10-year old girl on his lap and touch her genitals.
Carey was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court of the manslaughter of Aimee along with a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year- old girl who cannot be named for legal reasons.
According to media reports, 8 years old girl was raped by his step father Khaewal village .