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Very busy and very happy were Rose's days now, for in the morning she went about the house with Aunt Plenty attending to linen-closets and store-rooms, pickling and preserving, exploring garret and cellar to see that all was right, and learning, in the good old-fashioned manner, to look well after the ways of the household.
Some vague figures approached through the gloom, swinging an old-fashioned tin lantern that freckled the ground with innumerable little spangles of light.
Seeing myself unobserved, I took the old-fashioned key that dangled from the chain and quickly turned back the hands of the watch a full hour; then, closing the case, I handed Bartine his property and saw him replace it on his person.
Chang, a lawyer who worked for two decades in China, has written an impassioned book that rests on penetrating diagnoses and old-fashioned gumshoe reporting, conducting interviews with everyone from the high-and-mighty to the common peasant.
He knows that a narrative based largely on chronicles will seem rather old-fashioned.
If your choice is an OLD-FASHIONED, put a lump of sugar in a glass, sprinkle it with a light dash of Angostura bitters, add ice cubes and a twist of lemon peel and fill with bourbon.
Like many of the Surrealists, Klapheck finds his images in objects that are quite ordinary but obsolete or seldom used, and like Magritte in particular he renders them in a style that: is as prosaic, old-fashioned, and quasi-anonymous as the objects themselves.
And the bride-to-be says it'll be a full-on, old-fashioned do.
But we solved the problem after someone suggested we buy old-fashioned mothballs.
Old-fashioned power politics is becoming increasingly obsolete because it conflicts with the imperatives of global capitalism.