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(GE 342) As a final example of this type of oldness, in Chapter 53 we find Pip noticing that the sluice in the marches "was abandoned and broken, and how the house--of wood with a tiled roof--would not be proof against the weather much longer, if it were so even now, and how the mud and ooze were coated with lime, and how the choking vapour of the kiln crept in a ghostly way towards me" (386).
the oldness of new things fascinate me like a new feeling about love about people snow, highways that sparkle at night, talk, laughter ...
The Ethnographic Museum "Nicolae Frunteq" from sirnea, reflects the past and present village life, through objects and documents proofs regarding the material and spiritual civilization oldness on these regions of a particular beauty, proofs which are impressive by their originality, utility and beauty.
This may be related to the higher demand for health system, by women, and also due their majority in population, in relation to male, in the oldness phase (GRILLO; GORINI, 2007).
The most various Simpson index among different ages of PM allocate to oldness, adultness, middle-agedness, and youngness (for herbal layer) and oldness, adultness, youngness, and middle-agedness, respectively, (for regeneration layer) in accordance with different plant species (Table 3).
Oldness of this building on the basis of historical narrative reaches near the end of 18 A.H.
A provision in the new regulations specifically addressing soil contamination sets Boston apart from most other cities bitten by the urban ag bug.53 "Due to Boston's industrial history and its archaeology and the oldness of the houses, there was always a burden of heavy metal concentrations in the soil.
the opening chapters of Return of the Native, I was at home with him--something about the vestigial ballad atmosphere, the intimacy, the oldness behind and inside the words, the peering and puzzlement and solitude.
The dawn seems to be a mirage which announces a new day with all its oldness and monotony.
That's when I go to the kitchen and reach under the sink to get a rag and wet it and bring it back to wipe the dirt from the handle, cleaning it carefully, not to ruin its oldness, or rub it raw.
2 plant in Ibaraki Prefecture -- is also unlikely to be easy due to the oldness of the facility and due to local opposition.
www.gaieneursmeiJe.com Hours: Tues--Sun, 11-6.30 Until Jan 13 Shao Fan: Apprecieation of Oldness Until Jan 13 Xie Nanxing: The Second Round With a Whip Mar 2-Apr 29 Brendan Earley, Li Gang