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But while there is much that is old, and even old-fashioned, here, the oldness is insistently and successfully reframed as something new.
Although the oldness and age of his speech and terms be almost grown now out of use, yet thought I it best, both for the utility of the book to reserve it from oblivion, as also in his own language to let it go abroad, for the more credit and testimony of the true antiquity of the same.
The generalizing impulse in Grossman's thought tends to discourage even such thin details, except where they seem immediately symbolic (smallness, oldness, blueness.
Explorations in Ethnic Identity, Oldness and Continuity.
50) The sense of newness in the old and oldness in the new is also conveyed in a band name like Brave Old World and characterizations like "Making old-world music new.
Versions of newness, touched 6y oldness, haunt Jeyasingh's dances and give her work a poignancy, implying that the new is always relative and subject to change.
Yes, but also we have to consider the newness of the gospel and the oldness of the world.
He writes that the island sits in the sea two hundred miles from the mainland, "remote, filled with an oldness of time and place, complexly primitive and secure.
For this freshness, arising always young from the unthinkable oldness of original being, is what keeps dialectic itself renewed.
And in Chapter 7, "History in the Brain, Thought in the Land," he argues that American writers also responded to this contention in other ways: Hawthorne "stretched" time (exaggerating the oldness of his historical materials); Cooper mythologized American history (turning ordinary historical events into "archetypal" ones); Whitman and Dickinson abolished history, reveling in a radical "futurism;" and Emerson developed the idea of "vertical time," the notion that, in the enlarged self, every moment contained all history.
Old Joe did not truly understand what urged him to this; he only realized obedience to strange craving s that did not make themselves clear to him, restless flashes that crossed his brain, uncertain stirrings that forced him to forget the oldness and swellings of his joints, and the pain of movement.