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The sensory attributes evaluated by orthonasal and retronasal olfaction (n=14) are shown for four Finger Lakes Rieslings, with the number of instances recorded for each attribute marked.
Sensory genes include ORs involved in the first step of the physiological processes that lead to olfaction, and the ORs constitute superfamilies in the insect genome.
The scratch-and-sniff test asks subjects to identify 40 odors and ranks olfaction as normal or mildly, moderately, or severely impaired.
All patients had "Sniffin Sticks" evaluation of olfaction at initial evaluation.
This finding suggests that turtles have developed superior olfaction ability against a wide variety of hydrophilic substances.
April 11-12: First World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society, Hotel Ritz Berlin, Germany.
According to Garcia, birds can likely detect the nicotine in spent cigarettes, just as birds rely on olfaction to select insect-deterrent plants in the wild.
To address this question, we evaluated a subset of 63 veterans from the observational study who each had the triad of headache, PTSD, and an ND that included impaired olfaction to determine whether improvement in headaches and cognitive function were associated with reductions in PTSD severity, impaired olfaction severity, or prevalence of an ND.
instead, we learned that they have a rich repertoire of genes for olfaction [smell] and chemosensation [in this case, taste]," says University of California, Irvine, biologist Adriana Briscoe, article coauthor.
If we want to write a historical, thick description of smell, in what circumstances was olfaction a deliberate gesture; when did a whiff become a sniff?
Many critics have observed the privileging of sight--amidst the representations of other senses--in Don Quixote, as well as in other early modern Spanish literary texts, hence the plethora of studies on visual culture and the dearth of those on taste and olfaction.