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The cerebral tube extends anteriorly toward the epithelium, paralleling the olfactory nerve (Fig.
Keywords: Olfactory; Behavior; Olfactory nerve transection; Ninjin-yoei-to; Traditional medicine; Regeneration
Within the olfactory nerve, the OECs form cellular channels or tunnels through which large numbers of small-caliber nonmyelinated axons distribute through the olfactory nerve into the outer nerve layer (ONL) of the OB and extend into the olfactory glomeruli, where they make synapses (Figure 1) [19].
The issue of whether or not the solubilization of ultrafine Mn oxide was a prerequisite for its translocation along the olfactory nerve was still outstanding after the experiments described above.
The stink of Blue Stratos hits the occifer's olfactory nerve like an bucket of alcoholic slew, ``Has sir been drinking?
The researchers healed the rat's damaged spinal cord by growing a bridge of olfactory nerve cells across scar tissue in the spine.
The first arises from damage to the olfactory nerve cells, or neurons.
If one taste nerve is damaged, there are still two left, where-as damage to the olfactory nerve wipes out the sense of smell, explains Duffy.
The nerve endings collect together in a small bundle called the olfactory nerve that passes through the base of the skull into the brain.
Sometimes, the parasite travels through soft membranes of the nose and along the olfactory nerve to the central nervous system.
When it collects an odor molecule that "fits," the olfactory nerve sends a signal to the brain.
prevention of the access of infectious agents and toxins to the brain through the olfactory nerve