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Antennules are olfactory organs involved in detection of odorants that stimulate upstream locomotion and tracking of distant odor sources by diverse malacostracan crustaceans (e.
furcodorsalis were compared structurally and the distributions of cell types present in the olfactory organ are described.
The 125-[micro]M dose caused eGFP fluorescence in the developing olfactory organ, gill, skin, liver, and pronephros.
Some of those principles must be considered in a discussion of the structure of a novel and rather small putative olfactory organ, such as the one proposed here.
Identification and partial characterization of putative taurine receptor proteins for the olfactory organ of the spiny lobster.
Behavioral responses to chemical stimulation of the olfactory organ in the squid Loligo opalescens.
Indeed, local application of diluted squid ink to the olfactory organ of restrained squid caused strong escape jetting responses (Gilly and Lucero, 1992).
This would tend to indicate that top-tier predators such as bass and even Africa's tigerfish--species which rely more on sight when hunting--have less well developed olfactory organs compared to those species who muzzle around in the murky depths locating their food--(i.
Friday evening celebrated the event, and we entered the charming, spruced-up art deco auditorium to find very little had changed, apart from newly-upholstered seating (people referred to the improved impact upon the olfactory organs, but my own had never been bothered over more than 40 years).
If a deer's olfactory organs are anywhere as sensitive at discriminating scents as they are at detecting them (which seems to be the case), subtle differences in odor could convey many different messages, which may have something to do with the particular attractiveness of some rubs.
Weather experts obligingly blamed the east wind for carrying the malodorous mist that agitated olfactory organs in East Anglia and Kent, London, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire Berkshire, and Devon.
Director Tom Tykwer brilliantly translates his vision without relying on Computer Generated Images (CGI) of scents and smells; you don't see colorful scents traveling across the air and entering the powerful nostrils of Grenouille, who is able to assimilate and separate smells in his mind through the use of his super olfactory organs.