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Salalah is home to frankincense, or olibanum, (the aromatic resin obtained from scraggly but hardy trees of the genus Boswellia,) the signature scent of Oman.
For a luxurious collection of body and bath treats, make sure your home spa includes their Energising Bath Cream with Olibanum (pounds 11) and Deep Massage Body Cream (pounds 27.
olibanum rheumatism, nervous diseases and ointments
Their incense recipe is a closely guarded secret but includes Gum Olibanum -or frankincense -as its main ingredient.
There are three new products in its bath range - invigorating Tibetan shower cream with ruhubarb, revitalizing bath cream with Olibanum from the Indian mountains and revitalizing thermal bath cream with gingkgo biloba from Asia.