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Pimienta negra * Capsica * Cardamomo * Cassia * Semilla de apio * Capullo * Semilla * Semilla de clavo de cilantro de comino * Curry * Semilla * Fenugreek * Jengibre rojo de Hinojo * Ajo * Jengibre * Enebro * Lemon grass, hierbas citricas * Nuez Moscada * Resinoide * Cebolla * Semilla olibanum de perejil
2000), also employed a potent incense of laurel leaves, henbane seeds (Hyoscyamus niger), myrrh, and olibanum.
Patrick Dempsey 2, which bows this month, is an Oriental spicy fragrance with top notes of saffron, mandarin and nutmeg; middle notes of spiced wood accord, green fig and cistus and base notes of olibanum, patchouli, guaiacwood and skin musk accord.
Salalah is home to frankincense, or olibanum, (the aromatic resin obtained from scraggly but hardy trees of the genus Boswellia,) the signature scent of Oman.